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Copernic Technologies
Indexing - Combining robustness and scalability, this technology retrieves and indexes data stored on hard drives and network drives. It makes use of advanced language and linguistic analysis technologies, resulting in unparalleled indexing precision.
Searching - The search technology has the power to query a variety of information sources simultaneously. From a single access point, users can create simple or advanced queries and get results under a second that are unsurpassed in quality and relevance.
Tracking - The innovative tracking technology monitors Web pages and detects automatically any changes that are made to their status or contents. The tracking module automatically advises the user of the changes by email. This particularly versatile technology even highlights the elements that have changed since the document was last updated, drastically reducing reading time in the case of long documents.
Summarizing - Using advanced statistical and linguistic algorithms, the cutting-edge summarizing technology pinpoints the key concepts of a text and extracts the most relevant sentences to produce a condensed version of the original text. With the addition of a unique proprietary technology called WebEssence, irrelevant text and other nonessential content found on Web pages are ignored resulting in summaries that are remarkably accurate.